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It’s a crisp morning in Montmartre, a village-like neighborhood perched high in northern Paris, known for its bohemian spirit and artistic allure. Artists of all stripes reside here. The sun rises, nudging the sky into a blend of orange and pink, and Soren Sherwood, a talented musician who graduated from Momence a lifetime ago, is waking up. From his bed in a cozy studio apartment on Rue Lepic, he hears the city come alive.

By Nate Fisher

He moved here years ago, inspired by his childhood friend who moved to Paris when he was taking 3D printing classes at Momence. Back then, he used the technology to create Christmas ornaments and flower pots, but now he routinely visits La Fabrique d’Objets Libres or Le FabShop, accessible makerspaces where he uses 3D printers and other tools, participates in workshops, and engages with a community of like-minded technology enthusiasts.

A good home, a good job, a great life: so much can emerge from a simple dream inside a young mind.

Soren’s dedication to the piano and recorder also followed him here. After a refreshing morning practice session in the corner with the piano that functions as his music studio, he walks down to the boulangerie on his street. He orders a croissant, café au lait, and banters lightly with the owner. Not one to let go of his lifelong love of reading, he strolls through a nearby park, carrying a book from the collection he’s built up over the years. Today he’s chosen a title on investment philosophy to improve his portfolio, but he’s included an anthology of French poetry where interior music resides in its verses of rhythm and rhyme.


As he did during his time at Momence, he allows his bike to carry him to known and unknown destinations. On his way to the Conservatoire de Paris to teach music lessons, he often rides his bicycle and enjoys the city’s picturesque beauty. Soren’s teaching style is modeled after his favorite homeroom teacher from Momence, Ms. Johnson, who provided a unique, passionate voice at a critical time in his life. Teaching also offers him the chance to revisit the fundamentals of music, often sparking new ideas.


Always the basketball enthusiast, Soren stops on his bike ride home to play a pick-up basketball game with the local youths in a nearby public court. The sunsets, and Paris transforms into the city of so many lights. Giving it your all in a low-stakes but spirited game under the city’s historic illumination is one of his favorite daily routines.


Now home, Soren cooks a simple dinner and then retreats to his studio corner to fine-tune compositions or compose new pieces. At this time of night, he always reflects on the circumstances that provided the opportunity he’s now living. When he discovered the magic wand back during the days of Momence, he had no idea that the “infinite money” loophole would work. Sure, the money’s helped fund his lifestyle, but he thinks now that perhaps the real wish was his intention when he first used the wand. “I want to grow up and live in a good house,” he remembers thinking. Soren turns away from the keys to one of the tall windows overlooking the streets below. A good home, a good job, a great life: so much can emerge from a simple dream inside a young mind.

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