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Faith Roberts moves through the hallways of Momence High School like a beam of morning light, illuminating everything she touches. To say she’s just another senior would be a disservice to her many talents and the extraordinary way she infuses energy into the environment. A cheerleader, an aspiring aesthetician, a basketball player, and an avid writer—Faith is a young woman of many passions, each one pursued with an unfailing enthusiasm that’s as infectious as it is inspiring.


Kankakee Area Career Center, which she attends as part of her Momence High experience, isn’t just another classroom for Faith; it’s a laboratory for dreams. Here she practices the fine art of aesthetics and cosmetology, fueling her aspiration to become a certified aesthetician. “Every person’s face tells a story,” she says, her eyes lighting up with a blend of anticipation and commitment. “Helping them care for their skin is like becoming a co-author in their life narrative.” Faith isn’t only interested in the cosmetic side of her chosen field; she’s deeply aware of the psychological underpinnings that drive people to want to look their best. “When someone sits in my chair, they’re entrusting me with a piece of their identity,” she notes, emphasizing the sense of responsibility that accompanies her future profession.

But this Momence High School senior isn’t only about beauty and skincare. Remarkably, her athleticism on the basketball court is yet another facet of her complex character. Taking up the sport in eighth grade after being inspired by her older brother, Faith became a keystone of the team’s spirit. Although she took a brief hiatus, she returned to the hardwood floor in her junior year, making an impact not just with her dribbling but also with her indefatigable spirit. “A well-placed ‘great job!’ or ‘you can do it!’ can really turn the tide of the whole game,” Faith believes. This ethos isn’t surprising coming from someone who also wields pom-poms, projecting cheer and lifting spirits at school events.


Off the court and beyond the Career Center, Faith’s creativity finds another outlet—writing. She is especially passionate about poetry, a form she finds particularly effective for capturing fleeting emotions and encapsulating them in words. “It’s like creating a snapshot of an emotion or a moment, capturing it for all eternity,” she says. Creative writing, particularly poetry, offers her an internal sanctuary, a place where her innermost feelings can freely dance to the rhythm of her words.


But Faith’s ambitions are not just confined to Momence; she has her sights set on Chicago, where she plans to attend aesthetician school. However, she’s clear that wherever life takes her, the lessons and values she has garnered from her close-knit, diverse community will be her guiding light. “I’ve been nurtured by this community. How could I not share this nurturing forward?” she wonders aloud, her voice tinged with genuine appreciation and a sense of responsibility.


The name “Faith” seems predestined, capturing the very essence of her being. To her, every new day is a blank canvas, an opportunity to craft another masterpiece. “Every morning is a new page,” she says with a contagious smile, “and I just can’t wait to fill it.” The word “faith” carries an inherent sense of optimism, of belief in something greater, something transformative. And in the case of Faith Roberts, it represents her unshakeable belief in the goodness of people, the promise of community, and the transformative power of positive energy.


As she prepares to transition into the next exciting chapter of her life, Faith is far more than just hopeful; she is confident. With her luminous presence, whether it’s in the narrow corridors of Momence High School or the bustling streets of Chicago, Faith’s light will undoubtedly continue to grow and inspire. So, if you find yourself walking through the halls of Momence High and experience a sudden surge of positivity, you’ve probably just crossed paths with Faith.

I’ve been nurtured by this community. How could I not share this nurturing forward?
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