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Unlike many people his age, senior Charles Thompson knows exactly where he will be and what he will be doing after he graduates from Momence High School. He will be right back at MHS, working as a custodian, taking care of the school he loves.

I love hands-on stuff.
By Steve Dallape



Charles is a participant in a district hire-in program, working now with the custodial staff to learn the ropes in preparation of his post-graduation position. He gains a great deal of satisfaction from keeping the facilities clean and well-maintained. “I love hands-on stuff,” he says.

A life-long Momence resident, Charles is proud of the events and activities that the town has to offer, citing the annual Gladiolus Festival as a great example of the town coming together to put on a top-notch event. “It’s a good place to live,” he says. “You basically know everybody.”


Charles obviously has great affection for – and dedication to – Momence High school as well, judging by his desire to work within its familiar walls after he graduates. In fact, if he had one wish, he would use it to provide the school with new track facilities, even though he doesn’t run track. But, of all the things that he likes about his alma mater, Charles is particularly fond of the teaching staff, who have always been quick to offer assistance when he needed it. Like last year, when he was studying geometry and couldn’t quite get a handle on some of the concepts. Despite those difficulties, his favorite subject is math – he likes the logic and order that numbers provide.


When it comes to role models, Charles keeps it in the (Momence High School) family, mentioning Henry, the custodian, as an inspiration. He has known Henry since he was 5 or 6 years old, and they used to live close to each other. But, he is quick to add that his father provides a lot of guidance and support. “He’s always there for me,” says Charles. “When I’m having my ups and downs, he always cheers me up.”


Charles is a living, breathing embodiment of the ideals and values that are imparted to Momence students by our dedicated staff every day. Speaking with him, one can’t help but share the enthusiasm for our community and our schools that he so obviously has, and there is no doubt whatsoever that Charles will continue to be one of Momence’s biggest boosters for many years to come.

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