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Jevon Sneed, an ambitious junior at Momence, already knows that a good work ethic is key to his future. As he put it, if he doesn’t work hard while he is young, there won’t be any “time for partying” when he is older. He says his advice for his younger self would be to work harder and never be satisfied with where he is so he keeps striving. Now, though, he certainly seems to be working very hard and is already enrolled in a dual credit program through Kankakee Community College.

A Worthy Arc
Jevon already knows that self-discipline and the stamina to maintain his motivation will be key to finding the success he wants in life.

Jevon wants to be a pipefitter. He likes geometry and appreciates the craft of welding. The class he is taking at KCC is about welding technology, and after Momence, he wants to continue his studies at either KCC or the American Welding Academy in Union, Missouri. Jevon is excited by the flexibility and opportunities to travel that welding provides.

Welding doesn’t run in the family, but a strong work ethic does. Jevon’s father is an electrician who worked in a union for a couple years and is now doing side jobs. Jevon admires him because he has always provided for his family by working hard and is professionally successful. Jevon also admires his mother. She is a bus driver for Garden of Prayer, and Jevon says she never gets a chance to sit down and rest because she is always working but still is always able to help him do whatever he needs to do. He says both parents inspire him because of how hard they’ve worked to get where they’re at and support him and his six siblings. Family is very important to Jevon, and he wishes he could spend more time with his family that lives in McAllen, Texas.


Jevon has a strong work ethic, he understands that life is more than just work. Since he moved from Bradley to Momence when he was young, he worked to be an engaged part of the community. Luckily, he made a lot of friends early on because, as he put it, “Momence came to me with open arms.” He plays football as a wide receiver and likes how football challenges him to continue getting better. The thrill and excitement of winning is good to keep up motivation. In his freshman and sophomore years, he says he struggled to maintain the motivation to excel at playing sports. But this year, he’s been loving being as athletic as possible; while basketball wasn’t always his favorite thing, he now really enjoys it. He also enjoys riding horses—which he says could come as a surprise to even some of his best friends.


Whether working hard in dual credit welding classes or to improve his performance as a wide receiver, Jevon already knows that self-discipline and the stamina to maintain his motivation will be key to finding the success he wants in life. He is also very aware and grateful of his parents’ sacrifices for his family, but more than passive awareness, he is working to model his own work ethic after theirs. Jevon is still young, and to be so committed to having a strong work ethic already indicates his future will certainly be a bright one.

By Devin Haas
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